Combo Guard

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 12.12.1993

Height: 1.75 m

Team 2021-22: Hannover I Germany 

Previous Teams:

Wasserburg I Germany

Freiburg I Germany

Rivas I Switzerland

Emporia St. University I NCAA


German DBBL Player of the Year

German DBBL Import Player of the Year

German DBBL Guard of the Year

All-Swiss SBL 2nd Team

NCAA D2 Player of the Year

NCAA D2 All-America Team


Eurobasket Player Profile Link

Emporia St. University Profile



Kelly #2 Black Jersey - 27 points, 13 assists, 8 rebounds, 0 TO's

Kelly #2 Grey Jersey - 24 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists


Kelly was flat out dominant during the 2020-21 season, averaging 17.3 points, 7.2 rebounds, 4.8 assists, and 2 steals for Wasserburg.  The dynamic combo guard and reigning DBBL Player of the Year did it all.  

A three level scorer that is explosive end to end in transition; finishing through contract or finding an open teammate.  Great court vision and a crafty finisher at the rim that also possesses shooting range outside the 3pt line.  Kelly is a high level ball handler able to attack opponents 1 on 1 or create scoring opportunities out of the pick n roll.  

Tough and tenacious, Kelly is a threat on the defensive end as well.  She has good instincts in the passing lanes, active hands, and won't get outmuscled by opposing guards.  A great rebounder at any position, Kelly quickly turns defensive rebounds into scoring opportunities on the other end.