Congrats to Maxi Kleber and Johannes Voigtmann on their latest signings with the Dallas Mavericks and CSKA Moscow. Both deserve everything that is coming their way, as they worked hard to get where they are now and I wish them maximum success going forward with their clubs.

While we don’t always see eye to eye in this challenging business I want to send congratulations to Ingo Wolf of Limelight Hoops and Jan Rohdewald with Lumani as well. They have been guiding Maxi and Johannes from the start of their pro careers to get where they are now. They helped them maximize their opportunities and can now celebrate their success with them. Congrats!

Agents running smaller agencies, who are working independently and are not part of a so called „big group/agency“, are often faced with the question of being able to get players to the top meaning NBA, Euroleague or things of that nature. The latest NBA contract for Maxi, the numerous options that Johannes had this summer and several other examples do show how far you can go with hard, committed and consistent work by all parties involved!

As agents we play a small role in the development and career path of our clients, but the main part is done by the players we serve. It’s certainly good to see Ingo and Jan achieving this with their clients and seeing that the narrative that you need a „big name agency“ is not accurate.

It’s motivation to stick to the plan, keep working hard and helping our clients reach their goals!!! I’m thankful for the trust of our clients and their families and look forward to what is ahead for them and us in and with this beautiful games of basketball!


Gerrit Kersten-Thiele

+49 173 7339025