Thank You LG

In our fast paced and very competitive business it’s not easy to find people who stick together and work through the full career of a pro athlete. For that trust and loyalty I want to thank Larry Gordon who has been with #TeamScorers1st from the start of his pro career to the end, as he just recently decided to retire from professional basketball to start the next chapter in his life!

After graduating from NCAA2 Cal Poly Pomona Larry did believe in the story Daniel and I were "selling“ and telling why we believed Scorers 1st would be the best fit for him to start and build his pro career.

Larry and his family have become true family for me personally, as we have been able to build a relationship that goes far beyond just signing on the dotted line and working for the next contract!

Larry embodies what we at Scorers 1st want to stand for. The way he built his pro career, while allowing us to play a part in it, has been remarkable and is the true definition of understanding that building a successful career is a "marathon and not a sprint“. His work ethic, personality and passion for the game and a strong and super supportive family (THANK YOU Desireé for your trust as well over all these years) allowed him to build an impressive international career and we couldn’t be more proud of all of Larry’s accomplishments over the past 12 years.

While it is bittersweet for me that your pro basketball career comes to an end I look forward to following you and your beautiful family tackle that next chapter in your life!

Go change the world LG! We’ll cheer you on from Germany - always just a phone call away!

Thank you LG! Gerrit & everyone at Scorers 1st!

Pictures: Phoenix Hagen, BBL, Ochsenfoto, Cal Poly Pomona