The "Inside The Game" podcast goes live

Yes, we are podcasting from now on.

Scorers 1st founder and CEO Gerrit Kersten-Thiele will host the "Inside The Game" podcast from now on and we are looking to provide you with an inside look into the business of sports and basketball in particular.

We will interview experts from different areas within basketball and others sports, as well as share more information about how we work at Scorers 1st, what are plans are for the future and current and new projects and much more.

In the 1st episode of the "Inside The Game" podcast Gerrit is joined by Carlon Brown who can look back at a strong college and pro career and is now working to help other athletes into and during their pro careers. Gerrit and Carlon chat about Carlon's experiences within the game as a player, his dream to make it to the NBA, the differences between playing in the US and overseas, as well as his company Point Advising LLC and much more. We hope that you enjoy listening to this first episode and we would love to hear from you with feedback, questions and ideas.

Link to the the "Inside The Game" podcast on iTunes here: "Inside The Game" on iTunes


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