What We Do - Scorers 1st Services


Career Management

Our clients long-term success is the backbone of our agency! Helping you reach your goals and dreams is what drives us each and every day!


The Scorers 1st family is thankful for the trust that each player and their family has in Scorers 1st. Your trust is our inspiration to design a unique career path that is centered around your goals as an athlete and person.


We understand that each career and athlete will follow a different path, which is why we work together to create a vision specific to you.   A plan where we will stand by your side to tackle all the challenges and milestones that put us closer to achieving your goals and dreams!


Contact us to learn more about how we create your individual career plan with you!


Contract Negotiation

The reality is no two contracts are the same.  Keeping that in mind we approach your contract negotiation by factoring in the individual variables in every negotiation.


We strive to negotiate contracts for our clients with a growth-mindset that allow them to improve themselves while also setting them up for immediate and future success on and off the hardwood.


Contact us to learn more about how contract negotiations work and read more about the different markets in the international basketball landscape.


Player Development

Advancing your career needs constant growth, hard work and determination. We put a strong emphasis on helping you be the best you can be at all times.


The Scorers 1st Academy in conjunction with our professional partners work on a 365-day basis to help our clients build in the areas of: strength and athletic training, individual skill development, mental coaching and training, film breakdown.  


Contact us to learn more about how we work when it comes to your development as an athlete and what we offer together with our partners.


Marketing & Branding

Understanding who you are, who you want to present to the outside world and what you want to be known for are just a few of the important questions when it comes to “being” and “building” your brand.


Marketing opportunities, creating sponsorship value, and standing for something, play a major role when it comes to branding you as an athlete and a personality. Together with our marketing partners we help you build your platform!


Contact us to learn more about how we help you “build” and “understand” your brand!


Financial & Legal Support


Post-Career Management

Being successful on the court is one thing. Building wealth and a healthy financial portfolio is another. We understand how important it is to build up your portfolio for life long after your last game.

Together with our partners we design an “off the court”-strategy to help you maximize your wealth during your active days and beyond to set you up for long-term success.


Contact us to learn more about our financial partners and how we work together to maximize your long-term wealth.

It is our goal to not just help you be successful while you are an athlete. We want to help you stay successful in your post-athletic career. Therefore, we actively partner with companies to help you make the transition into the 2nd phase of your professional career. 

Together, we create and implement a strategy to plan ahead for your time after sports.


Contact us to learn more about who our partners are and what we do to help you transition after your athletic career.